Hello Business Owners!

CITO onDemand, LLC is ready to announce a brand new product designed to specifically help small and medium businesses with your online sales and media presence!

The product?

Online Gift Certificates!

($10, $25, $50 & $100)

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This product is designed to give you a boost by creating guaranteed sales through online gifts from one person to another. We have most recognized Holidays & Events represented.  We will provide you a web page on our site complete with your business logo and a built-in social media Share Button incorporated into the site. Once setup, it is there forever. Holiday coming up? Hit the Share button on Your page with some words from you describing why consumers should give a gift of your services or product. It doesn’t matter if you are a full-fledged web site owning business or as simple as a Facebook business, this will work for YOU!

Cost? Very simple (and inexpensive!)… $39.95 and 3% of any sales deriving from the site. All sales run through PayPal where WE do all of the tracking for you. We record everything that PayPal offers. We tie all of their transaction codes to your specific sale. We have a REDEEM function built-in so that you can mark sold Gift Certificates as having been redeemed to prevent someone trying to scam a duplicate use! We also have built-in a means for you to have 1 extra Admin person and 3 Redeemer’s who can login and mark the Certificates as having been used. Your customer will also receive an email that the Certificate has been redeemed. Once redeemed in the system, the certificate will be forever marked with “Redeemed” across the certificate. QR Codes are included with a link back to the current version of the Gift Certificate allowing you to verify the certificate hasn’t been redeemed already. Just stay on top of redeeming them and no problems should occur!

How do we differ from “Hard Card” Gift Certificates? Simple… Those cards charge your customer or gift giver a typical rate of $4.95 to $5.95 just to “buy” the gift. A good number of them also reduce their value until they run out! We have NONE of that! Another BIG Bonus we offer is the immediate notification (via email) or allow the purchaser to delay the gift to a time of their choosing.

What you’ll need to do…

Really, all you need now is your valid email ID, last 4 digits of Social Security Number and address information. In the first block of time, you’ll do the initial creation of your business in the site registry. Once completed, we’ll receive notification that setup and payment is complete. We’ll then create & customize the PayPal side of things. While we do that, you can upload a logo image of your business and customize your Facebook Share logo with our built-in tools. We suggest that when you test this, you change your Share option to display only to YOU so you can verify without inadvertent Shares !

Next, you’ll receive an email from us once the PayPal information is complete and we have created your buttons. You will then need to login and verify our data entry and add your Bank Account information (routing & account numbers). You can also change the Notify email ID to your personal ID versus the Gmail account we created during the setup. We’ve supplied videos to help with all of this to smooth the transition but are always available for teley or email support if needed.

Once PayPal has verified your banking information, you are ready to go! This typically takes 24-48 hours. We suggest you run a self purchase of the smallest gift certificate to insure all is working properly and give you a chance to preview the Redeem admin function. Only costs a few cents for that piece of mind.

We’d appreciate any and all feedback! Bug’s, cosmetic changes and enhancement requests will be prioritized and recorded. Any Testimonial’s are a big welcome, we’ll use them in Ad’s we’re going to produce that you can use to entice clients!

Lastly, we’re going to offer to pay YOU $10.00 for each paid referral we receive that identifies you, preferably Full Name or email address, there is a Referral block on the registration form.

Contact Dave or Cyndi at HelpDesk@CITO-Certificates.com with any questions.

Gift Certificates by CITO Example of the Code/Image you add to your web site. We provide this code so you or your Web Administrator can add it to your site. The code does NOT require the image but is simply available for your usage. A straight link can be derived from the supplied information and used depending on your menu bar setup like this: Link to Gift Certificates

Help Videos are available Here!

How it Works!

(A short video)


New Baby’s


Special Occasions


Special Events




Owner Features

  • Owner + 1Admin ID
  • 3 Staff/Redeemer ID’s
  • Facebook Share
  • Direct Payments to your Business
  • Web applet code you can install on your site! See example at bottom of page.
  • Sales Reports (June ‘18)
  • Ability to create a wider variety of Menu options
  • After Setup Fee, only 3% charge per transaction *

Read our Terms & Conditions/Contract Page here

* - PayPal charges are separate and automatically deducted. We bill separately. Overall, about the same as credit card charges.