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"Less thinking, better golfing"

I have taught golf to juniors for over 20 years and one of the things that I see that hurt the young golfers the most is worrying so much about their swings.  A lot of young golfers these days are so worried about their techniques that they can't go out and play a decent round of golf.  They hit one bad shot or have one bad swing they start thinking about what happened and how to fix it that it affects the remainder of their rounds.  I want to give all these people that think too much about their swings to go out one day and just play a single round without worrying about your swing and you might be surprised that you have a good round.  My motto: "Less thinking, better golfing" –Joel

Getting Out Of The Trees

Getting Out Of The Trees Getting out of trouble-  When you hit your ball into the rough in some trees there are always several options available to you to get your ball back into play. I always try to look at my situation and try to see what is the best and safest way to get my ball back into play.   If I have plenty of room in front of me and can advance the ball towards the green then I might take a more aggressive approach.   If my ball is setting nicely then I will take my time and aim my shot which is critical. Take a half swing with some energy and hope for the best. If it works out then you are in great shape to save a par but if something goes wrong then a big number comes into play. I tell my students that if the shot is one that you don't have in your arsenal, then the best play is to find the clearest route to chip the ball sideways back into the fairway and move on and take a bogie at worst.  So whenever you get into trouble always stay calm and stay focused. I hope this helps everyone with their games.   –  Joel

Master the Setup

Master the Setup You may not be able to replicate the swing of a tour professional, but you can master the fundamentals of a good setup.   These fundamentals are often called statics because you can replicate them without any movement.   Grip, stance, alignment, and posture are fundamentals that you can master.   Look at photos and videos of a professional whose swing you admire.   Use a full-length mirror and then later have someone take a video of you.   In this way, you can copy these fundamentals for yourself.   These positions will help you to swing the club better and make better contact without moving anything.   It may take awhile for you to feel comfortable with the changes.   Ask your pro to guide you in developing a good setup, and you will be on your way to a big improvement. – Joel       

Roots - Take Caution!

Roots - Take Caution! If your ball lies up against a root - take caution! Many golfers suffer injuries trying to hit a ball that is lying next to a root. Often, the injury can be serious involving you hands, wrists or forearms. Avoid taking a full swing to ensure safety. You may chip it, putt it or if it is very difficult, opt for an unplayable lie and take a drop with a one stroke penalty. Your main objective is to simply get the ball back into play so you can play your next shot toward the green. Plus, it is also important that you don’t injure yourself while hitting the shot so always use your best judgement! – Joel       

Hoping For The Best

Hoping For The Best I try not to hit shots that I just hope will work. Instead, I concentrate on hitting shots that I actually think I’m capable of executing. –Joel

Threading The Needle

Threading The Needle I used to think that the best way to get out of trouble was by threading the needle through the trees to get closer to the hole. Now, I don’t mind hitting a 90 degree angle shot back into the fairway. I’ll give up a stroke and end up with a bogey rather than spend all day in the woods. –Joel